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Neighbourhood Watch

High Halden Village High Halden Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a charitable organisation which covers England and Wales.

It has over 2 million members all of which belong to local Neighbourhood Watch Groups.  In turn, these groups work with and are supported by a variety of agencies, such as:

local Police Service, CrimeStoppers, Action Fraud and Victim Support 




In High Halden we are working together to keep our community safe, helping to reduce crime by sharing advice and supporting our neighbours/vulnerable people within our village.  We have 7 co-ordinators in the the village, covering the following areas:  Little Robhurst, Greenside, Millfield, Hopes Grove, Hookstead, Halden Close as well as addresses along the A28.  The village NhW Group is registerd with: http://www.ourwatch.org.uk and is part of the Weald NhW Group.  The Weald Group acts as an 'umbrella' group and consists of towns and villages within the area. 

If your would like to become a member or a Co-Ordinator for your area, please get in touch by emailing:[email protected]

By becoming a member of High Halden NhW you will receive a welcome pack, regular email updates of crimes/scams in the area, as well as advice from Kent Police.  You will also be invited to the High Halden Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page, where more detailed information can be found. 


Below is list of numbers/websites you may find of help .... 

Please only use 999, if a crime is in progress.   

If a crime has already taken place and there is no immediate danger, please call 101 

. Organisation Telephone Website

Emergency/Crime in Progress

Kent Police


Non Emergency

Kent Police


http://www.kent.police.uk or PCSO Kyle Farnfield

Anonymously Report a Crime


0800 555 111


Hate Crime to report or get support.  

eg: hostility/prejudice in relation to a persons life choices; faith or disability

True Vision


Fraud/Cyber Crime (Scams)

Action Fraud

0300 123 2040


Victims of Crime Support

Victim Support

0808 1689 111

Youth - Anonymous Crime/Support



Neighbourhood Watch


01233 896151

Community Warden

Ashford Areas

01580 715457

Locator App



Rural Crimes - App for Android or iPhone where you can report things such as fly tipping

Country Eye


Farm Crimes App

FarmWatch WhatsApp Group

07980 978202

To register get in touch with the police Rural Team - East Division

Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much ....

Helen Keller