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Extended Kitchen Project 2020/21

Plans had been underway to upgrade the hall kitchen (pre COVID) and funds had been put aside to finance the project. As lockdown struck the decision was made to  progress the project and extend it to cover other much needed maintenance work and improvements. With many builders and contractors having long waiting lists a team of volunteers was formed to undertake the bulk of the work with expert support from local tradesmen when needed.  

The work undertaken has included:

  • a brand new kitchen with range cooker and larder area. Ceiling re boarded and plastered and new lighting.
  • New water heater to feed kitchen sinks and cleaner's sink installed
  • Secure cleaners cupboard created with janitor sink
  • New storage area for tables and chairs equipment created allowing table trolleys to be removed from the hall
  • Lobby area, stage and parts of hall repainted
  • Flooring under the stage (where short mat equipment stored) replaced
  • Emergency lighting replaced
  • Mains connected heat/smoke/carbon detectors fitted
  • Rear of hall cleared and tidied.
  • Major clean of the hall including de-cobwebbing (papers dated in 1963 found filling a hole!!)


During the COVID pandemic volunteers in many walks of life have come forward in an incredible number of ways to support their friends, families, total strangers and their communities.  At the hall we had our own special team of volunteers who came forward to work under strict COVID guidelines to undertake the work.

Over 650 volunteer hours were given and massive thanks go to Paul, John, Ralph, Shirley, Norman, Kim, David, Sue M, Sue J. The work has been done to an amazingly high standard and the funds saved will help to secure the financial future of the hall and allow other important projects and plans to go forward.

We must also thank Luke Smith of WPS Plumbing (a neighbour of the hall) who undertook all of the plumbing without any labour charge and fitting in around our volunteers, and without "batting an eyelid" as we asked him to do extra bits e.g. rerouting copper piping.