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HH COVID 19 Community Gp

Communication  is vital for all of us during these difficult times and the High Halden COVID 19 Community Group is seeking to use lots of different methods to ensure that messages and information get across to all residents of the village. The village FACEBOOK pages and the leaflet drops made are key elements of this. Also every effort is now being made to put information particularly relevant for village residents onto this new village website. If there is anything which you would like to see included or updated or shown in a different manner please contact us via  [email protected]  or via the contact page on this site. 



3rd June 2020 - Volunteer & Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer Track and Trace - see COVID 19: links & info - Gov/KCC info and links subpage

24th May 2020 - High Halden COVID 19 Community Group Newsletter - see below

6th May 2020 - High Halden Information Booklet with contacts and other village information - see link below


May Newsletter 

The full newsletter is attached below and was issued as a newsletter from the website on 28th May. It contains important updates on the help which is available from the COVID 19 Community Group in High Halden. Contact information is shown.  Paper copies of this newsletter have been delivered to households across the village. 

May 2020

Dear Neighbour

We wanted to update you on the help that you can get from the COVID 19 Community Group in High Halden. Our volunteers continue to offer support to anyone who needs it. We wanted to reassure everyone that we are still here in spite of some lifting of the government lock down. Many people in the vulnerable group are staying safe at home and we want to be able to support that for as long as is necessary. We also offer help to parents who would prefer not to take their children shopping and anyone struggling in any way with getting what they need. We do not ask questions as to why you need help.

The group is now able to provide emergency food parcels. Speak to one of our co-ordinators if you need assistance with essentials; all enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. If you know of someone that is struggling to feed themselves and/or their family please let them know about our service; we don’t want anyone to go without necessities in our community. In the longer term we are considering setting up a village food bank; the fallout from the COVID crisis may be considerable and we want to be there to help.

Our volunteers are able to provide support in the following areas:

  • Prescriptions and Shopping
  • Telephone Chat
  • Assistance with navigating your way around the internet

We have a regularly updated booklet which contains general advice/information on shops and farms that are operating a delivery service in the area. This is available to view/download on the Parish of High Halden Facebook page and the village website: www.highhalden.org.uk

To get in touch, please call one of the co-ordinators below:

Pauline Rose: 07754 797968 / 01233 850935

Kristina Hoath: 07966 396877 / 01233 850198

Or if you prefer you can email us on [email protected]

Alternatively, if you feel more comfortable, Helping in Tenterden also covers High Halden residents and they can be contacted on 01580 761060”

High Halden 'COVID 19' Community Group Newsletter May 2020

Newsletter200520 v2 (1).pdf File Uploaded: 24 May 2020 937.3 KB

5th May 2020 - The HIGH HALDEN ‘COVID 19’ COMMUNITY GROUP has issued an up to date support booklet which is attached below. It contains a wealth of information, contacts and links . The following gives volunteer contacts and a list of what is included. 

Dear Resident
On the following pages you will find some useful advice/information, as well as a listing of shops that are able to deliver and takeaway services too. This is by no means complete and if something that you need has not been covered then please do not hesitate to give us call.
If you need support, please get in touch by calling any of the Co- Ordinators below, who will make a note of your needs/contact details;
advise you of your Primary Support Volunteer

Pauline Rose : 07754 797968/01233 850935
Kristina Hoath: 07966 396877/01233 850198
Jane Rivers: 07562 911793
Alex Roberts: 07561 187046
Chris Rose: 07729 850232/01233 850935

Or, if you prefer, you can email us on: [email protected]
We also post information on the village website : www.highhalden.org.uk

List of Contents
 2 - 4. Essential Information

  •  Church
  •  Doctors/Hospital
  •  Chemists

5. Crime Awareness
6. Grocery Shops delivering to High Halden
7. Local Meal/Restaurant Deliveries to High Halden
8. Other Shops delivering to High Halden
9. Shops offering Click & Collect
10. General Opening Times – Supermarkets
11. Post Office/Banks/Building Societies
12. Opticians and Legal
13. Miscellaneous
14. Takeaway Food Services
15. Chequers on the Green – Takeaway Menu as of May 2020