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HH Support Groups


Press Release 2nd March 2021

The church of St. Mary’s is excited to announce its ability to help people in financial difficulty in High Halden in a practical way.  They will be able to raise money for them to purchase a specific item that might help them, such as replacing a broken cooker for a family struggling financially or equipping someone with interview clothes to help get a job.

This potential support is made possible through a new partnership with Acts 435, a national online charity that puts local donors in touch with people in need in their village, town or city.  Acts 435 enables St. Mary’s and other participating churches and charities to post requests for donations to fund specific items that will help people in difficult circumstances to move away from the brink of crisis and cope again.

The charity was set up to enable people keen to support people in their local area by giving what they can afford, when they can afford it.  Donations range from £5 to £150 and are used to fund specific items – such as - for local people who are homeless, sick, sanctioned from benefits, or perhaps have lost their job or got into debt. 

Pauline Rose is the Acts 435 representative in High Halden working through St. Mary’s.  She says: “Acts 435 is a unique charity. It operates on an extremely cost-effective model, working through regulated churches and charities to connect donors directly with people in need.  100% of donor funds go to people in need and the charity has helped 20000 people nationwide since it launched ten years ago.

“Working with Acts 435 will enable us to be such a blessing to the people in our local community and we are excited about this opportunity. We have seen throughout the pandemic the care and generosity shown by High Halden residents to their neighbours.

For more information about Acts 435 go to or contact Pauline Rose at [email protected] call or text on 07754797968.