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High Halden Village

Positive News/pictures

With so much bad news on the TV and in Social Media it does us all good to hear positive stories and view pictures from our lovely village, its gardens and surroundings. So please send in your pictures and stories using the contact page.

Updates (photos are being added as they are received)

9th April 2020 - Easter Weekend tips from the Ashford Volunteer Centre.  - see below

8th April 2020 - The Craft Club have been busy again - see below

2nd April 2020 - A "big smile makes the sun come up" - see below

31st March 2020 - High Halden Craft Club make Easter Packs for village children - see below

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High Halden Village Diary

Parish of High Halden

Spring Pictures in the Village

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The beautiful Churchyard at St Mary's. 

A place of comfort and reflection for many. So thought it was worthy of its own gallery. 

If you click and enlarge the images you will be able to see the description and name of photographer

A link from the Ashford Volunteer Centre for the coming weekend

As we head towards the bank holiday weekend things will be looking very different for most of us. No trips to B&Q, no Sunday roast with the extended family and for many, no long-awaited holiday either.

We may be in a state of flux but we do have lots of positives to focus on, not least the overwhelming response from individuals wanting to help. Your role in this crisis is especially valued, and you should feel very proud of what you are doing. But this is a marathon not a sprint, and it’s especially important to think about yourself and your own well-being at this time.

Therefore, courtesy of Nature magazine we’d like to share a few tips on how to do this...

Manage expectations - Do not underestimate the cognitive and emotional impact this pandemic brings, or the impact it will have on your productivity. Difficulty concentrating, low motivation and a state of distraction are to be expected and it will take time to adapt. Go easy on yourself.

Routine is your friend - It helps to manage anxiety, and will help you to adapt more quickly to this current reality. Create clear distinctions between work and downtime, both physically and mentally, and when you’re not working find something to do that makes you happy.

Maintain connections - Even the most introverted among us need some sense of connection to others for our mental and physical health. Whether it’s Zoom meet-ups, FaceTime calls, Skype or just a simple telephone call, reach out to friends, family and those who might be particularly isolated.

Manage uncertainty by staying in the present - Take each day as it comes and focus on the things you can control. Mindfulness and meditation can be great tools for this.

Proactively manage your stress - Keep good sleeping habits, eat healthily and exercise. Enough said.

You'll find some further useful resources for you and your volunteers on the links below. We've also included links to two local emergency funds. 

If you have any questions or would like guidance on something specific, please email [email protected] In the meantime, have a restful long weekend.

With best wishes from the team at Ashford Volunteer Centre   

8th April 2020

The craft ladies have been busy again. Yesterday afternoon craft kits containing French knitting, yarn monster, Pom poms, flower fairy card kits and more were displayed on a table outside the church.  
Whilst on their daily walk children came along to collect a pack touching only the one they were taking home with them. Every precaution was taken when preparing the packs and by Pauline, who organised the distribution,  when laying them out. Social distancing was strictly observed. Thank you ladies at the craft club.

2nd April 2020

Cally went for a walk yesterday with her children. Her young son told her that one of their neighbours gave him a really big smile and that it was such a BIG SMILE it was like the sun coming up"  

31st March 2020 High Halden Craft Club - Easter Craft Packs 

The lovely ladies from the HH craft group have put together Easter craft packs for children from our village. Pauline Rose was at the Church foyer between 2 and 3pm this afternoon with them laid out on a table. One per household 

There were card kits so that children can make and send Easter greetings to their family at this time.
Parents have picked packs up during their  'once a day' exercise. [Social distancing rules have of course been strictly observed. The tables were all washed carefully and Pauline wore gloves and a mask while handling the packs.]

Huge thanks to our craft ladies for their kind gift to our community.


Easter Craft Packs Easter Craft Packs