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Parish Council Updates including playgrounds

By Kim Buggins High Halden Village

Sunday, 12 July 2020


High Halden Village Contributor


Here are a few announcements from the High Halden Parish Council

Monthly Parish Council Meeting

Parish Council meeting 13 July 2020, 7.00pm This will take place using Zoom. For information on how to join the meeting visit the parish council website at

The playgrounds in High Halden are now open.

Update from Louise, clerk to High Halden Parish Council 10th July 2020

Important info regarding Covid-19 Rules for Using the Children's Play Area

§ These rules are in addition to the normal rules of the play area

§ Please ensure you maintain social distancing in line with current government guidance

§ If the play area is busy, please come back another time

§ Only one child/household group on any piece of equipment at any one time – please wait your turn, keeping off the safety surfacing

§ Parents/adults should wipe down equipment before and after use

§ Parents/adults should wipe down any gates/benches/picnic tables before and after use

§ Please ensure only one adult enters the play area with their child/children

§ Please be considerate in the amount of time spent on equipment so others can use it

§ If a piece of equipment that you wish to use is being used by others, please queue whilst maintaining social distancing

§ Please ensure you and your child/children do not touch your faces, put your mouths on equipment or your hands in your mouths

§ If you have to sneeze, please sneeze into a tissue or arm when a tissue is not available

§ Please use hand sanitiser before and after using each separate piece of play equipment

§ No food or drink should be consumed within the play area

§ Please wash your hands after using the play equipment

§ Please place litter in the bins provided. If a bin is full, please take your litter home

Park Keeper Vacancy

High Halden Parish Council is seeking a Park Keeper. For more information about the vacancy and how to apply visit the parish council website at

Email Alerts - don't forget to sign up for email alerts on the parish council website (as well as the village website) to ensure you know when newsletters or event notifications have been published.

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