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Light up the start of 2021

By Kim Buggins High Halden Village

Monday, 28 December 2020


High Halden Village Contributor


2 messages from Pauline Rose and the church warden of St Mary's in High Halden


Many of you will have seen our beautiful St Mary's Church lit up over recent weeks in memory of loved ones or to celebrate a special event. This happens every year over the Christmas season and costs just £10 per evening with the proceeds going to the church to cover the cost of the lighting with any surplus going to help run the church.

It has been decided to extend this through until the end of January - most dates are free after the 19th until the end of the month.

If you would like to sponsor lighting up the church for an evening you can contact Pauline by emailing her on [email protected] or by personal messaging her. You will need to let her know who it is in memory of or what is being celebrated plus let her have a short message which you would like posted on the High Halden Village Facebook page.

This is a lovely opportunity to light up this beautiful church and remember someone special.


People around the village have been discovering Christmas pebbles bringing a smile to many faces. This was started as a way to celebrate Christmas with residents being encouraged to:

  • Find a suitable pebble (there are some available just inside the church)
  • Let their creative juices flow - simple or more complicated
  • Ideally use either Acrylic paint for your design, or cover with a layer of varnish or diluted PVA glue to keep them weather proof.
  • Place your creation in a safe place ready to be found
  • If you find a pebble, please take a photo of it and post it on the village face book page
  • Then either keep your find, or replace it with your own for someone else to find.
As we look forward to 2021 it is clear that a few more dark and potentially tricky months lay ahead so a few more pebble smiles celebrating the beauty of Winter or the coming of Spring might be very welcome. There are still pebbles available just inside the church or find your own and have a go!!


This newsletter is coming out from the village website at which was launched just as we went into lockdown. The site is intended to work alongside the High Halden Parish Facebook page and the parish council website. It is hoped it will provide an easy to use reference point for people to find out about the village whether they are residents, potential visitors or others with an interest.
Going forward though the website is here to support village residents and organisations (many of which have had to close or postpone/reduce their activities) by providing information, contacts and updates. To achieve this, we need people representing these organisations to get in touch to let us know how they are doing, when they are restarting, what is happening and how people should contact them. Many of these organisations normally play such a vibrant role in the village and hopefully their return is not too far away. Also, if you have something you would like to see included in the newsletters or on the website please let us know using the contact link.
If you have a friend or neighbour who you think might be interested in the content of this or future newsletters please, if you can safely do so within COVID guidelines, print a copy and pass it on to them or let me know and I will arrange for a copy to be delivered.

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