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HH Covid 19 Community Group update & HH Remembers 2020

By Kim Buggins High Halden Village

Monday, 19 October 2020


High Halden Village Contributor


High Halden Remembers 2020 - a message from "Messy Church"

This is certainly a different year, a year we will remember. For the annual Act of Remembrance, Poppy Day, this year we are asking that members of the community paint a stone however they wish and place at the memorial in the Church yard to remember those who gave their lives in conflict.

The picture above shows a few examples. You don’t need to be a skilled artist but do use weather proof paint.

You can use a stone of your own or collect one from a box inside the Church.

High Halden 'COVID 19' Community Group - "Preparing for Winter" - October 2020

The High Halden Covid 19 Support Group wants the community to know that it is still active. The volunteers are keen to support/help anyone in the village with a chat; shopping or needing a food parcel; anything Covid related. If you know someone in need, or if you require support yourself please let us know.
A newsletter/update is currently being hand delivered to households across the village and a copy is available on the HH COVID 19 Community Group page on this village website. It includes contact information and advice on the support which is available. It also includes local information on doctors, flu jabs, prescriptions and local supermarkets.
To get in touch please call one of the co-ordinators:
  • Kristina Hoath 07966 396877 / 01233 850198 (anytime)
  • Pauline Rose 07754 797968 / 01233 850935

Or if you prefer, you can email us on [email protected]

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