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April 22nd Update

By Kim Buggins High Halden Village

Wednesday, 22 April 2020


High Halden Village Contributor


HH “COVID 19” Community Group

The High Halden Covid 19 Community Group has over 50 volunteers helping their neighbours and others throughout the parish. The group is now working in close partnership with ABC and the Parish Council. Volunteers are helping with shopping, getting prescriptions and befriending those who are isolated/ lonely or just need to hear a friendly voice and are working to support shielded individuals alongside their carers and families.
To get in touch, please call any of the coordinators below, who will make a note of your needs/contact details; advise you of your primary contact volunteer and/or send you a copy of the information booklet.

Pauline Rose 07754 797968 or 01233 850935

Kristina Hoath 07966 396877 or 01233 850198

Jane Rivers 07562 911793 Alex Roberts 07561 187046

Chris Rose 07729 850232 or 01233 850935

OR if you prefer, you can email us on [email protected]

Information on the website

Whenever we issue a newsletter, like this one, anyone who has signed up for alerts, will receive an email to let them know. However, when we add information or guidance this does not trigger an alert. To help you know what has been added on the COVID 19 pages, a list on the page headed “HH COVID 19 Community Gp” shows a date and brief details of new additions. For example in the last week the following 2 posts have been made: 18th April 2020 - Note from Simon Robinson, Chair of Parish Council re village celebration & the Beacon and 16th April 2020 - Vouchers Scam - Fake Tesco Emails.

If you have ideas for items which should be included whether to do with Covid 19 or not, or you would like details of a community group to be added for when things return to normal please let us know via the contact page.

Hort Soc Virtual Show

As the society was unable to run their annual Spring Show this year, because of the restrictions caused by the coronavirus, they've decided to run a VIRTUAL SHOW. There are no classes, no judging and no prizes - just an opportunity to share achievements. All entries will be displayed on the new page Hort Soc Virtual Show.

Each person (you don't have to be a member of hort soc) can send up to 3 photographs of a flower, vegetable, plant or vase of flowers from your garden, a photo of a cake you’ve made or an item of craftwork you’ve been working on. Also, children can send in a photo of something from their garden, a craft/cookery item they have made or a drawing/painting related to gardening. If possible, add a short comment on why you’ve submitted that entry and whether you would like your name added with the photo. Children please add your age.

All photos must be in JPG format and should be sent to [email protected]. The closing date is: Sunday 3rd May There are already some really good photos up there.

Looking for things to do and read?

There is something for everyone in the South Porch of St.Mary’s. Childrens crafts and books, dvds 📀 of all kinds. Sew🧵a doll, or make a monster. Learn Spanish 💃study Shakespeare’s plays or go foraging with Ray Mears. Never read Harry Potter🧙🏼‍♂️? Now is your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Cookery 🍳space 🪐☄️🔭poetry and craft ✂️ 🧶 books. And if you are learning to drive 🚙 then learn the theory from here. Lots to keep you entertained. 😀 PLEASE ENSURE SOCIAL DISTANCING is STRICTLY MAINTAINED.

Easter Competition

We had 13 entries for the competition all of which are shown on the entries page. Have a look as they will make you smile. What a wonderful mix of ideas and methods. Well done and thank you to Dorothy, Delilah, Daisy, Posy, Charlie, Phoebe, Imogen, Arthur, Elliot, Rosie, Ella, Jessica and Noah. (also thanks to Mum and Dads who sent in the entries).

The judging panel decided that every entrant had produced an interesting and colourful entry based on Easter or the village. As there was so much variety and as all the items made us smile we could not pick a winner. So all 13 entrants will receive a prize.

St Marys

Christopher Rose, ChurchWarden at St.Marys Church writes;

St.Marys like all other churches has been asked to close its doors during the coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that collective worship isn’t happening in the village.

Our rector Sue Wharton left for pastures new in November and we have been in ‘interregnum’ since then, a period of time when we are without a vicar and looking for a new one. Vera Hopkinson is our lay reader and she has been the lynchpin of our services during this time. We have also received help and support from Alex Bienfait who is Priest in Charge in the Benefice of Biddenden and Smarden.
When St.Marys doors closed, Alex opened the new doors of a zoom meeting room and each week we meet for a service. We are able to take part in a modified communion, sing hymns, pray together and hear a thought provoking sermon. We also can take part in lunchtime and evening prayer on most days of the week.

The congregations of Smarden, Biddenden, Bethersden, High Halden and Woodchurch join together for these live streamed services. A link is provided to print off the service sheet which is very similar to the one we use in Church at a normal service. The Easter Day service was watched by 97 households, probably in the region of 200+ people. It was a joyful and uplifting experience.

Many of our congregation are self isolating and these live streamed services help to bring us together every week. After the service each Church has a zoom coffee room, we chat and catch up on the weeks news. There is a lot of laughter. We are a community that loves and cares for each other and our fellow villagers.

For information on the services and how to join please go to the Benefice website and choose ‘services’ from the menu. If you need help accessing the services please get in touch with me at [email protected]

And Finally

The community spirit in High Halden over recent weeks has been amazing as residents look out for each other. New friendships and links have been forged which will last way beyond the current crisis. Keep Safe and please continue to observe Social Distancing when enjoying your daily exercise, delivering items or going shopping.

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Kim Buggins

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